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Do you know our "People" space? Have some questions?

Don't worry: here, you will find the main questions our clients have about this product's feature all gathered in one place. 

Oh, and if you have a question that you feel it's important but it hasn't been shown here, just let us know! ;) 

After all, this FAQ is in construction and you can always collaborate. 

What's the difference between "users" and "members"?

Users and Members aren't the same profile's registry in our system. Not every user is a member of a church and, because of that, isn't registered or register itself in the people's management as a member. 

User is every person who was registered in the app or at the church's website to receive content and communications, and interact with the church from it. We can call it a "potential member", because its user profile in the v2 control panel (people) can be imported as a member profile if necessary. 

Member is a profile that has been registered or imported in the v2 People's component. It is important that every member has its user connected through its e-mail (which is one of the main data between user and member). 

Can I edit questions on the member's form?

 For now, it isn't possible to edit/personalize the questions on the members' register form. On this form are the main questions that can be asked to the person the church wishes to be registered as a member, visitor or update its platform enrollment. 

Can I edit the member's information at any time? 

Yes, it is always possible to edit the member's registration information in the people's area, basic data, ecclesiastical data and all kinds of data. 

And currently, the person itself can update or send new informations to its member registration in the people's management from its user's login in the app. The church receives all these data in the platform, on the part of pending profiles, and can approve or not the information sent by the person.

Can I import a certain quantity of members all at once? 

There's no limit on the number of members that can be imported on our spreadsheet. What happens is: bigger the number of members, more time the system will need to read and upload the data.  

Why can't I see the birthdays of the month, just selecting the days? 

To facilitate the dates' exhibition in list, our system shows the birthdays per day. Depending on the quantity of members that your church has, the list on the screen would be too large when shown the month's birthday dates - possibly letting the information load slower. 

Yet, the church can access this information through the data export. It is possible to choose to export the list of the selected day or month. The user will receive the spreadsheet with this list in its e-mail. 

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