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Do you have any questions about our "Journeys" component on our platform?

So, take a look down here, because we've made a list with the main questions!

Oh, and if you have a question that you feel it's important but it hasn't been shown here, just let us know! ;) 

After all, this FAQ is in construction and you can always collaborate. 

How can the member view the trail stages in the App?

By clicking on the “Trails” button, the user will be directed to the “My Trails” page, where only the trails linked to their member registration will be displayed. Therefore, it's very important that the member registration has the same email address as the user registration so that data can be integrated.

How to manage track progress?

Track steps are edited in the control panel, by the Church. The church can mark which steps the person has completed and that progress will be shown in the app for the person as well. But all this control is done by the Church and not by the user.

Where can the Church make content available in the stages?

In fact, we still don't have the possibility to make content available to members of the trails. The church can create downloads, reading plans and segment them for Groups, creating a Group for that track. Only those belonging to the Group will be able to access this content.

How can I automatically insert people into trails?

Now it's possible to customize the trail entry requirements in an automated manner. It'll not be necessary to add each person individually. With automation, it's going to be possible to include a large number of people in the trail, through the types of profiles (member, visitors and frequenters) and event participants.

Why can't I insert people into the trail I created?

To add people into the trail, the trail needs to have a team linked to it, as it is this team (with a single person or multiple responsible) that will take care of and follow up on these connections. Then the panel will only display the tracks which have a team linked.

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