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Is it possible to configure the push notification: "How are you feeling today?"?

Not yet, but we are working on this feature and soon it'll be available to the churches. It'll work like this: on the panel, in the area of Intercession, you (only if being a Denomination manager) will see a gear on the top right part. Clicking in, the "this notification's configurations" will open. There, you'll be able to indicate if the notification will be sent or not to the users, its recurrence, in how many time it'll stop to show to each user who doesn't answer and which is the time gap between a new send trial to the users who didn't answer before. 

If the responsible of the intercession wants to contact the person who is the prayer requester, how should it act? 

Either in the Pray Requests area or the Testimony one, there's a possibility of WhatsApp contact - if the user marks that he/she wants this kind of contact. Then, a WhatsApp icon will show beside its phone number and, when clicking, the WhatsApp will automatically open for the message to be sent. In case the user doesn't want to have this kind of contact, the WhatsApp icon will not show, but, yet, the responsible will have access to his/her phone number. 

Does the responsible person receive any kind of notification when the prayer request is done or prayed? 

No, the area responsible person will not receive any notification about new requests or prayed requests. Although, the user who asked for the prayer will receive a push notification informing when the responsible by its request clicks in "Prayed" - letting it clear that the request has been seen and had intercession on it. 

Can I only see the requests throughout the Control Panel? 

No, you can also count on the support of our app inChurch Control to check and pray for a request. Just as you do on the Control Panel, you can click in "Prayed" for the user to receive a push notification informing that its request has been prayed. However, differently on this area of the panel, currently in the app we don't have the WhatsApp contact option. 

Can a not logged in user make a prayer request? 

It's possible to make not logged in prayer requests in websites and iOS applications. However, for your church to have access to the user's data (as name, email and phone number/WhatsApp), it's necessary to inform them on the app's screen. 

As for the Android user, it is mandatory that he/she be logged in the application.

If the person isn't logged in, it can't visualize any kind of content and can't request for prayer.  

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