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Do you know our "Content" space? Have some questions?

Here, you will find the main questions our clients have about this product's feature all gathered in one place. 

Oh, and if you have a question that you feel it's important but it hasn't been shown here, just let us know! ;) 

After all, this FAQ is in construction and you can always collaborate. 

Can I post Instagram videos on a part of the app?

Yes, it is possible to post reels/feed Instagram videos in the news and multiuse pages area - because they have the same content structure on the platform - throughout the HTML resource on the text box in the page. 

You just have to pay attention to the fact that it's necessary to access the incorporate button on Instagram, because it's this button that provides the code to be inserted in the page. This code can be easily extracted from your Instagram's access via desktop (computer/laptop). 

In "Words", can I put unlisted YouTube videos?

Yes. Public or unlisted videos work normally on the app, only private videos will not show on the right way at our "Words" area. It's important to remember the need for the videos to be the "watch" type. Don't insert URLS that are live or YouTube shorts ones, because they're not valid on the platform.

At the multiuse pages, can I put a scale of my team?

Yes. You can insert this kind of content on the text box in the multiuse pages area and specifically disclose it to the team/ministry which needs to see this scale. At the text's area it's possible to insert tables to organize the scaled information, and, in case you wish to work on something more elaborated, the church can disclose this content from a HTML in the area "see source code". At the UninChurch, the inChurch university, we have a course which teaches about HTML, so the church knows the basics of this resource. Click HERE

Can I create or exclude daily readings in my plan in a massive form?

No, currently the daily reading area has an individualized operation logic of creation and exclusion. You can create the basis of the reading plan or completely exclude it, but if you wish to create or exclude only some of the plan's daily readings, you'll need to do it specifically by clicking one by one. 

Is there any maximum limit of creating readings on my reading plan?

No. It's possible to create an unlimited number of daily readings inside a reading plan. One of the most registered reading plans by the churches and with the biggest number of readings is the annual biblical plan, a reading per day - 365/366 daily readings. 

Is it possible to know which content is generating more engagement? 

Yes. In the "Words" and "Downloads" areas, the church can visualize the amount of access/performance and access/downloads that each one of the published content is generating between the church audience. 

The access is equivalent to a download or a word visualization. Meanwhile, the execution of that content involves the  audio or video media receiving play in the word and the content download involves the amount of people that downloaded that material.

In the reports area you will be able to visualize these data, know about the most popular publications, interactions and better understand the kind of public who is consuming the content more, the age, sex, if it's a member, visitor or frequenter, via app or website. 

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