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Do you have any questions about our "Communication" component on our platform?

So, take a look down here, because we've made a list with the main questions!

Oh, and if you have a question that you feel it's important but it hasn't been shown here, just let us know! ;) 

After all, this FAQ is in construction and you can always collaborate. 

How do churches most use the news area?

The news area is a very wide one, so we recommend using it as a church's information portal, to communicate everything that happens in the church. But there are churches that use it as a blog, posting daily edifying content. Others also use it as a testimonial area, where you can place a report made by audio, text or video.

Can I send a personalized birthday notification to one person at a time?

No, the communication via push only can be segmented by groups, profiles, events or cells. But don't worry, the system sends an automatic notification (with a standard message that you can view in the commemorative dates tab) for the birthdays of the day, be it birthday, wedding or baptism.

What's the image bank used for?

Imagine that you are going to travel and you will not be able to take your computer with you. In the middle of the trip, you need to post something in “News” or “Multipurpose Pages”. You can use the image bank as a backup area where you can use these images simply and quickly from any device with web access.

How can I strategically use the banner?

The banner is an area that catches the user's attention when entering the app or website, so communicating through this feature is extremely important, as everything advertised through it will always be seen by people. It's interesting to communicate events, publicize open vacancies for volunteers or even do a survey with the church.

Don't forget that banners can be clicked, you can place a redirect link, such as a form, for example, or a link to register for a church event. There's no limit for creating banners, however, we always recommend that for a positive user experience, the church invests in a maximum of 3 to 5 banners for a more effective communication.

How can I use the push notifications area?

The push notifications area is an extremely relevant area for your church engagement. This area is often responsible for bringing the user into your application, since some areas of content, communication, live, events are also connected with this resource - so your publications can send an alert (the notification) to encourage viewing. This area can increase your engagement by over 15%. It's also an independent area, that is, you can create push notifications without being connected to any other platform resources.

You can encourage the updating of members' data through push; it can remind the whole church that a person is completing another year of life. Another tip is to send reminders at least 1 hour before your online or presential cell starts.

You can also promote the church's shop through the notification, as there is a redirection area, so any external link can be inserted.

The uses are varied, the church will do it according to its need and creativity. Also, the church can notify users at a time or on a recurring basis by making appointments in the area.

Is it possible to organize my downloads area?

We know that to have effective communication, organization is a skill that will make the difference. That's why, in our downloads area, it's possible for the church to organize all its materials by folders, so you will be able to publish, for example, your newsletters in PDF per month. Or organize any other kind of content or communication by subject.

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