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Do you have any questions about our "inChurch Videos" component on our platform?

So, take a look down here, because we've made a list with the main questions!

Oh, and if you have a question that you feel it's important but it hasn't been shown here, just let us know! ;) 

After all, this FAQ is in construction and you can always collaborate. 

Can I publish videos directly from inChurch Videos to the app?

No, at the moment you will need to download the video to your computer and upload it to YouTube and, only then, make it available in the app in the Words area.

How much time do I have to approve the videos that are in the preview area?

You have a period of up to 30 days to validate your videos that are in the preview area, which is the pre-approval area, that is, the videos that you selected the option to approve later after creating the video. It needs to be approved within these 30 days, otherwise it will be automatically removed from the area by the platform. Only videos that have been approved remain on the platform for an unlimited time and without the inChurch watermark.

Do I have any costs with the videos that are in the preview area?

There isn't any cost to the church related to the videos that are in the preview area. The platform understands that the videos in this area are use tests and are not approved content, which is why there is no church plan credit discount.

Can I download my video in different formats without counting the download limit?

Yes, it is possible. After your video has been approved, the church has that same video available in different formats (16x9 projection standard, Instagram feed and stories). You just need to click on the approved video details option, and then click and preview each of the formats. After that, click download.

Am I free to put my texts and images in the videos?

Yes, even though inChurch Videos is a tool that produces videos based on templates, you can insert your own texts and upload your images, leaving, that way, the video in line with the visual identity and language of your church.

How long are the videos I can create with inChurch Videos?

The types of videos that can be created today with the module are Showcase, which promotes the church's application, and Events to promote and publicize your church's agenda and commitments. The duration of the Showcase and Event videos are, respectively, 30 and 40 seconds.

In event videos, can I create a video of an event that is not registered on the platform?

It's not possible. It is essential that the event is registered on the platform so that your church has a complete experience in using the resource, as some information is extracted from the event and inserted into the video.

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