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Do you have any question about our "Cells" component on our platform?

So, take a look down here, because we've made a list with the main questions!

Oh, and if you have a question that you feel it's important but it hasn't been shown here, just let us know! ;) 

After all, this FAQ is in construction and you can always collaborate. 

How can I register the Cells' report?

The cells' reports can be registered via control panel and also through the application by the cell leader. 

When accessing the control panel area, Cells > General > My Cells, click on register report in the wanted cell. You just need to follow the instructions, fill the blanks with the participants, visitors and the day information. 

In the app, the leader has access to the Cell in the user's menu, on the option My Cells (or the name the church settled). It'll show to it the cells it leads with the report registry option. When clicking it, the leader will have access to all the reports, pending or already filled. You select the wanted report of the day to register participants and visitors.

Who has access to the Cell in the app?

The My Cells area will only open in the app if the user (and member) is a Cell Leader, which means that, has a cell connected to it. This area doesn't show to users who are visitors and participants of a cell, or even assistants or supervisors. Only the cell's leaders have permission to visualize the My Cells button in the app.

Where can I find a list of cells in the app?

Currently, we only have the cells' searcher option in our websites

How many support material can I disclose for the Cell? 

The support materials are disclosed for a period, that is to say, only 1 per time. When creating the material in the control panel, the church will choose the starting date and the final date of the material availability in the app (1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 6 months, 1 year - the church is who defines it). 

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